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Ever seen someone wee in a pool?

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Thu, 18 Jul 2024

Ever seen someone wee in a pool?

We don't recommend it - besides being impolite, weeing in a pool is injurious to health. The acid in urine reacts with chlorine (used to sanitise swimming pools) and produces toxic gaseous products, which can irritate our lungs and damage our respiratory system.

So, how do you think that scientists studied this chemical reaction? They collected samples of pool water contaminated with urine to understand the risks of weeing in pools. Then, they separated and tested the samples, all so that they could identify the compounds within. Next, they studied the compounds to understand how they react and impact our health. All of this distils down to one field of chemistry: chemical analysis.

  • This article is about chemical analysis.
  • First, we will look into the definition of chemical analysis
  • Then we will have a brief explanation of how chemical analysis is done, and the steps involved in it.
  • Then, we will dive into the types of chemical analysis: qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • After that, we'll explore different techniques, methods, and tests used in chemical analysis. This includes instrumental methods.
  • Finally, we will understand the importance of chemical analysis.


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